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Dayrich Enterprises is a full service marketing & advertising firm located in Central Virginia. For nearly 20 years, our proactive approach toward solutions along with a relationship driven mind-set, has positioned us as a valued partner with our clients. 


Service to others bring rewards that help to make us all better. Dayrich is proud of our years of community involvement and we encourage our peers to do the same. 

Dayrich started Project Inspire to give a voice to our inspirations in life's journey. Project Inspire wants to hear your stories of inspiration and share them with our community. The process is simple. Go to our website and submit your photo with a brief description of how your candidate has inspired you. We then post your submission on Facebook and the entries that generate the most likes during the contest period will be featured in our TV and print advertising campaign.

The sole focus of Project Inspire is to bring recognition and awareness to those stories that have made a significant difference in your life. Our campaign concentrates on four themes during the course of a year:

1. Black History Month (February)

As Black History Month is celebrated, we honor the people who have inspired you by their strength, courage, integrity, endurance…whatever qualities make them someone who is the name of inspiration to you.

2. Volunteers & Civil Servants (Spring)

There is nothing nobler than the heart of a volunteer. Freely giving their time, support and love without any acceptance of gain for themselves. We all know someone in our lives who's selfless acts spark inspiration. Tell us about them, we want to know why they inspire you.

3. Veterans (Summer)

Sacrifice. Those that stand up and fight for our freedom know the true essence of this word. They embody inspiration by giving up something in their lives so we can hold on to what is dear to us. These brave soldiers have touched all of us in some way.

4. Teachers / Coaches (Fall)

Throughout our lives we always remember those teachers and coaches whose inspiration made us better than we thought we could ever be. They’re part of who we are today. Tell us about that teacher or coach who inspired you to push beyond your barriers. 



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